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Prepare for Collection

  • Plan to collect both samples upon waking.
  • Avoid anti-aging/anti-wrinkle facial creams for 3 days prior to testing as they may contain undisclosed hormones.
  • If you are testing CardioMetabolic Profile tests (e.g. insulin, triglycerides) ZRT recommends fasting (no food or drink other than water) 10-12 hours overnight before collecting in the morning.
  • Unless otherwise directed by your healthcare provider, use the collection table as a guide to time your collections.



• Each saliva sample must fill the tube at least
half way, not including bubbles.

• Mistake collecting saliva? Rinse your tubes
out with hot water (no soap), shake out
remaining water, and air dry. Restart your
collection at the appropriate time.

• Freeze any samples not being shipped
within 24 hours. Samples will be stable
during shipping.


Begin collecting your first saliva sample into the large tube within 30 minutes of waking for the day. Wash hands with soap and water. Use a clean towel to dry hands. Rinse your mouth with water. Wait 5 minutes before beginning collection.


Allow saliva to pool in mouth, then transfer to tube. Fill tube at least half full, not including bubbles. Collection usually takes 15-30 minutes depending on saliva flow. When done, cap the tube. Tip: Smelling food, yawning,
or pressing the tip of your tongue against your teeth can all help with saliva flow.


Write your name, the date and time of collection on the
tube. Place the tube back into the bag.


Repeat this process for any other collection times using the smaller tubes provided. Do not eat, drink (except water), or brush teeth at least 2 hours prior to collections.



Samples that do not meet criteria below may not be usable for
testing. Each blood spot must:

• Soak through the collection card so that blood shows
through on the back.

• Be at least the size of a pencil eraser (appx 1/4” or 6.5 mm).

• Contain one drop per circle, no overlapping.


Collect blood sample within 1 hour of waking. Wash hands with soap and water. Use a clean towel to dry hands. Make sure hands are warm and circulation is going. Write your name, the date and time of collection on the card prior to collecting. Tip: To encourage blood flow before nicking finger, rub hands together/swing arm and/or run hand under warm water.


Open the cover on the collection card. Fold it back and away from the filter paper. Avoid touching the filter paper. Tape card to a flat surface like a table, below waist level. Open the alcohol prep pad and sterile gauze. Select finger. Middle or ring finger is recommended. Wipe finger with alcohol prep pad & allow to air dry for 15-30 seconds.


Twist cap off lancet and press small white section firmly against the side of finger pad until lancet clicks. Wipe away the first blood drop with gauze.


Position finger over circle of blood spot card and gently milk (don’t squeeze) blood from the finger. Collect so that your hand is below your waist, allowing gravity to assist with blood flow. Tip: Squeeze arm from elbow to base of finger.


As blood drop forms and is ready to fall, touch the drop onto to the center of the circle (one drop per circle). Continue collection until all circles have been filled. When finished, apply bandage.


Leave blood spot card open to dry – minimum 30 minutes. Once sample is dry, close cover. Store card in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight until it is shipped.



Complete all paperwork. Make sure all sections are filled in and your form is signed.


Place the samples, the Test Requisition form and any additional paperwork back into the plastic test kit box. Make sure to include payment (if applicable). Snap test kit lid shut.


Place the entire test kit box inside the return packaging. Affix the prepaid label or postage if applicable. Return
using the appropriate carrier. Samples will remain stable under average shipping conditions, including over weekends and holidays.

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